Blackenbrook celebrates 10 years

Daniel & Ursula Schwarzenbach, owners of Nelson's Blackenbrook VineyardPhillip Reay of Wild Tomato Magazine used his latest wine column for a glowing summary of our first 10 years at Blackenbrook Vineyard: 

Blackenrook Vineyard recently celebrated its 10 birthday.  As vineyards go it is pretty young, not even a teenager yet.  Don't let its youth  confuse you.  Its wines would suggest a much more established vineyard. [...] 

The Sauvignon Blanc is an award winner with wonderful tropical tones, still fresh but without that green griping acidity. [...]  The Muscat is packed with flavour yet refreshing.  [...] 

For me the two white wine stars of this vineyard are the Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.  Both are made medium-dry, just as aromatics should be, and emulate the Alsace style.  These are wonderful wines with persistent flavour, superb mouth feel - unctuous and delicious.  The Gewurz just goes on and on, and the Pinot Gris is a wine that could turn you into an alcohloic.  It's impossible to put down. 

If you don't know this vineyard then you should.  A botle of Blackenbrook Pinot Gris 2014 and Blackenbrook Reserve Pinot Noir 2012 with Xmas lunch is a good way to start.  

Here is Phillip Reay's article