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Harvest 2021 - small but perfectly formed

Blackenbrook Nelson Pinot Noir 2021, New Zealand

The grapes are in! 
It was a brief harvest with lots of blue sky, a happy picking crew and outstanding quality. 

Quantities were  down this year because of a cold snap during flowering that affected most of the country, but the fermenting wines already show huge promise... watch this space!

Spring in the Vineyard

Blackenbrook Gewurztraminer in spring, Nelson, New Zealand
The vineyard looks incredibly healthy and lush, loving the warm spring sun interspersed with regular gentle rainfall.

We can literally watch the young shoots extend - they average a staggering 2cm of growth per day!

It's these bright green leaves that produce the energy for the new canopy and next year's crop.

In the center of the photo you can see the tiny flower head - also called inflorescence. It will more than double in size before flowering can commence in a month's time.

Late summer at Blackenbrook Vineyard

Bird-netting on award-winning Nelson Pinot Noir vineyard

The nets are on, neatly clipped up to protect the precious grapes from the ever-so hungry birds.  

The canopy exudes vibrancy and health, working hard to produce amazing flavours and sugar for the upcoming vintage 2017.  

Let's keep the fingers crossed for tons of sunshine and dry weather.  Harvest is expected to start at the end of March - watch this space!

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