Rosé 2023

We’re immensely proud of our latest Rosé which just brought home a perfect five star rating by Michael Cooper. 

With its assertive colour and flavour intensity it’s a wine for happy moments, best matched to blue skies, sea spray, sand between the toes and a laugh with your best friends… 

$23.00 NZD

Tasting Notes

Our Pinot Rosé 2023 is an explosion of juicy red fruit. The ripe acidity stylishly balances a whisper of sweetness. Dangerously smooth!

It’s our Moutere clay soils, the dazzling Nelson sun and the finger prints of our team that make our wines unique. We hope you’ll enjoy.

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A bottle of dark pink Blackenbrook Rose resting on the white, textured surface of a paddle board.  In the background you can see the beach, some trees, the sea and the Richmond Ranges.
Owner and Marketing Manager Ursula Schwarzenbach standing in front of a pallet of Blackenbrook wine cartons.  She is smiling, wearing a bright red top and beautiful necklace.


5 Stars Michael Cooper,

Instantly appealing, the 2023 vintage was made from estate-grown, hand-picked Pinot Noir, fermented and lees-aged in stainless steel tanks.

Full, bright pink, it is packed with vigorous, berryish, gently spicy flavours, leading to a finely balanced, appetisingly crisp, dry finish.

Certified vegan

To make this wine, we haven't used classic fining agents such as fish, milk, or egg extracts and only minimal additives.

This means our Sauvignon Blanc is very natural and vegan friendly. In fact, it is certified by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

Isabelle Schwarzenbach picking white grapes. She's working on a very old vine with a large trunk.  The grass and leaf canopy are vibrant green and the sun is shining.

The season

Our 20th year of growing grapes at Blackenbrook Vineyard!

Mother Nature gave us beautiful spring weather for flowering and pollination, setting us up for a good crop.

Summer was quite wet and the vines grew at a crazy pace. We kept mowing, trimming and leaf-plucking the fruit zone but it was a real struggle to stay on top of the phenomenal growth.

Going into harvest the fruit was clean but extremely fragile – and so were our nerves. But two weeks of stunning autumn weather was all we needed to hand-pick our biggest crop ever with beautiful ripeness and flavours – a challenging season with a happy ending.