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Blackenbrook Chardonnay 2012

Hello Ursula

Thank you for our wine which arrived in good order at Lake Hawea.

Your wine is indeed beautiful!  I first tried your Chardonnay at the Alivate Bar in Wanaka ..... The rest, as they say, is history.

Keep doing what you’re doing!
Cheers for the New Year

Bern Healy, Lake Hawea

— Bern Healy, Lake Hawea

Blackenbrook Gewurztraminer rated well at Forum Vini in München

Hallo Frau Schwarzenbach!

Forum Vini MuenchenManchmal muss es auch schöne Nachrichten geben: Ihr Gewürztraminer wurde beim diesjährigen Forum Vini in München blind verkostet, er kam wahnsinnig gut an.

Ganz spannend finde ich die Tatsache, dass niemand (wirklich niemand!) der Verkoster auf das Herkunftsland „Neuseeland“ getippt hat! Der Wein hat viel Zuspruch gefunden – diese gute Nachricht wollte ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Stefanie Klever
Neuseelandhaus GmbH

— Stefanie Klever, Neuseelandhaus GmbH, Germany

Delicious St Jacques Nelson Pinot Noir

Wellington on a Plate 2013Had a couple of glasses of the St Jacques Pinot Noir at a Wellington On A Plate dinner tonight, at Arthurs on Cuba St Wgtn. Very nice, hadn't heard of St Jacques or Blackenbrook before.

— Glenn Caulfield, Wellington

Blackenbrook Chardonnay 2008

Blackenbrook Chardonnay 2008Hey there, just had the last one of the 2008 Chardonnay that I bought a loooooong time ago.

It was stunning!!  Ought to buy another case of chardonnay and KEEP it!

WOW - fabulous.  Thank you!!!

Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen

— Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen, Nelson

New Zealand Natural Night, 25 Oct 2012, Tokyo

New Zealand Natural Night TokyoUrsula san, hi, how are you?
It was great meeting you at the party! Hope you enjoyed your stay.

I really love your wine. I'd love to come over to Nelson one day but please come back to Japan again with your fine wine.

Looking foward to it!!
Junko Akisawa

— Junko Akisawa, Tokyo - Japan

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