Blackenbrook Pinot Rosé 2019

Tasting Notes

Our Pinot Rosé 2019 is an explosion of juicy red fruit. A vibrant acidity stylishly balances the whisper of sweetness, and a rich texture adds charisma. Dangerously easy-drinking!

Ideal serving temperature: 10 -12 degrees



4 1/2 Stars Michael Cooper
Instantly appealing, the vivacious 2019 vintage is bright pink/very pale red, with finely balanced, vibrant, berryish, slightly spicy flavours, showing excellent vigour and intensity.

Weather Conditions 

Good rainfall in spring promoted healthy canopy growth. December brought fine and dry weather, ideal conditions for a successful flowering and pollination. 

From January right into harvest a heat wave and drought gripped the region. Our deep-rooting vines and the moisture-holding clay soils enabled our un-irrigated vineyard to thrive in these challenging conditions and produce a healthy crop with outstanding flavour concentration.

From Sustainable Production, accredited by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

Vegan wine, certified by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society