Pinot Gris 2021

Pristine and pure, our Pinot Gris is bursting with peaches, pears and spices in a delightful full-bodied texture that lingers long on the palate.

But don’t be worried about a sugar burst, our off-dry vintage finishes with the exact amount of spice – not too much or too little, but absolutely balanced and just right.


$23.00 NZD

Tasting Notes

Our Pinot Gris 2021 celebrates classic aromatics of pear, white peach and fresh ginger. It offers incredible fruit purity and minerality, finishing bright and refreshingly dry.

It’s our Moutere clay soils, the dazzling Nelson sun and the finger prints of our team that make our wines unique. We hope you’ll enjoy.

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Several white buckets full of juicy, dark pink Pinot Gris grapes. In the background is the vineyard with bird netting draped over the end posts.
Owner Ursula Schwarzenbach packing wine bottles into a carton during bottling at their Blackenbrook winery. In the background there are stainless steel tanks and red winery hoses.


94/100 Cameron Douglas MS,

Pure fruit scents and varietal with aromas of green and brown pears, fruit spice and apple, some quince and a touch of elderflower. Dry, lifted, fresh, plush and mouth watering flavours of tree fruits and citrus, apple and floral highlights.

Salivating with a delicious texture and length. Excellent with my Tuesday evening fish and chips take-out or southland blue cod and lemon beurre-blanc sauce. Drink from 2021 through 2026.

93/100 Bob Campbell MW,

Gently aromatic Pinot Gris with pear, honeysuckle, anise and a suggestion of nutty yeast lees character. Quite punchy, almost luscious, fruit with impressive power and purity. A hint of sweetness aids concentration and texture.

Certified vegan

To make this wine, we haven't used classic fining agents such as fish, milk, or egg extracts and only minimal additives.

This means our Pinot Gris is very natural and vegan friendly. In fact, it is certified by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

Ursula Schwarzenbach chatting with a customer at a wine tasting.  In the background there is a large Blackenbrook sign.

The season

Mother Nature threw some hefty challenges at us with unsettled weather and gale-force wind in spring followed by a hail storm on
Boxing Day.  

The humid and cold conditions in December made pollination difficult, resulting in small bunches with far less berries than usual.

Luckily we dodged the worst of the hail storm in December and only the Pinot Noir suffered damage. 

In January the weather finally turned and the sun kept smiling down on us right into harvest. On 15 March we started picking beautifully healthy grapes of outstanding fruit concentration. Just smaller than wished for volumes…