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Harvest 2021 - small, but perfectly formed

Daniel Schwarzenbach, winemaker at Blackenbrook Vineyard

Our young 2021 wines are putting a big smile on Daniel's face.

While the quantity is tiny because of a cold snap during flowering in December, the intensity is out of this world.

It's hard to stop ourselves from going back to the tanks to sneak just another little taste...

The wines haven't been moved since fermentation. Once the yeast cells had converted all the available sugar into alcohol, they settled at the bottom of the tanks, giving our wines a gorgeous creaminess.

... meanwhile in the Winery

Daniel and Isabelle Schwarzenbach at the Blackenbrook Family winery in Nelson, New Zealand
So good to have the kids home for school holidays! 

Isabelle just topped our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Montepulciano barrels, replacing the "Angel's Share" evaporated over the last few months.

The barrels are now full to the brim, protected from oxidation and spoilage while we are busy preparing for harvest 2021.

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