Top awards, exciting wine events and celebrations at our Nelson winery

A near-perfect harvest

We had a beautiful harvest despite Daniel and our two children contracting Covid on the first day of picking.  The weather was stunning and amidst the wide-spread labour shortage we were lucky to have a fantastic team of hand-pickers. 

Quality and quantity were really good.  The fermenting wines already show great potential and we can't wait to see how they develop.

Happy days at the Winery

Daniel Schwarzenbach, winemaker at Blackenbrook Vineyard

Our young 2021 wines are putting a big smile on Daniel's face.

While the quantity is tiny because of a cold snap during flowering in December, the intensity is out of this world.

It's hard to stop ourselves from going back to the tanks to sneak just another little taste...

The wines haven't been moved since fermentation. Once the yeast cells had converted all the available sugar into alcohol, they settled at the bottom of the tanks, giving our wines a gorgeous creaminess.

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