Nelson winemakers Daniel & Ursula SchwarzenbachWine commentator Yvonne Lorkin, top restaurateur Shae Moleta of The Ambeli Restaurant in Wellington and Blackenbrook Vineyard have combined to champion New Zealand’s top Gewürztraminer wines. They say wait staff and customers need more education about this amazing variety.

For too long, Gewürztraminer (pronounced Gi-vurz-tra-meaner) hasn’t had the respect it deserves in New Zealand’s Fine Dining scene.  It has been treated as an outsider, with Thai food as the only possible food match.  But there is a lot more to this classical Alsatian variety.

New Zealand Gewürztraminer is extremely fragrant, with rose petals, lychee, cinnamon and ginger tantalising your senses.

Gewürztraminer pairs well with salty, spicy, smoked or fruity foods.  In Alsace it is served with Tarte Flambé (or Flammenkuchen), Choucroute with European Sausages and smoked Meats or an assortment of washed rind and blue vein cheeses.






But it also harmonises beautifully with a Crab Salad with Ginger and dried Orange Peel, a Dukkah crusted Salmon or an Asian braised Pork Belly. 

To counter some of the myths and prejudices against Gewürztraminer, Blackenbrook Vineyard has prepared a Gewürztraminer basic information sheet titled “Gewürztraminer – the fresh Dimension to New Zealand Fine Dining”. They will send it to restaurants around New Zealand and will also have it available for download from their website.

The aim is to arm Chefs and Front of House Staff with valuable information that will lead to opening doors for many more New Zealanders to try and fall in love with this amazing grape variety.

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 Blackenbrook Nelson Reserve Gewurztraminer 2010