Dish Magazine Nov 2013We haven’t officially released the wine as yet, but Yvonne Lorkin and her fellow judges have already rated it with 5 Stars and 4th place in the Dish Magazine Sauvignon Blanc tasting, Oct/ Nov issue 2013.

Blackenbrook Sauvignon Blanc 2013
"New Zealand’s sunshine capital has produced something sensational here, a wine bursting with sweet passion fruit and floral aromatics, crunchy-crisp acidity and complex “herb garden, curry leaf, basil and mint” notes, according to James Rowan. Cameron Douglas agreed, adding it is also “a more refined and elegant sauvignon blanc, with warm texture and generosity.”

Achieving this result in a highly unusual and somewhat difficult season makes us really proud – a great thumbs up to our fantastic team in the vineyard and winery!

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